Wafeln - Born To Fight / Tales Of War  

11 de marzo de 2010

Year: 2010
Genre: Pagan Black Metal
Country: Chile
Format: mp3@unknown
Size: 41 Mb.


First Part
01. Symphony of the Last Days.
02. Our Swords.
03. ...To The Final War.
04. The Last Defense.
05. Sacrifice And Loss
Interlude. Tears Of The Brave
Second Part
07. We Are Warriors
08. Walkyrias
09. Glorious Death
10. Born To Fight
Ending. The Decline Of The Gods

*The type of sound recording is not professional, everything was made and recording at home with a conventional pc and mixer, recorder and basic editor, for what its quality is not the good one.

Added for request of Carlos Rios


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