Munruthel - Oriana's Tales  

15 de junio de 2009

Year: 1999
Genre: Folk, Ambient
Country: Ukraine
Format: mp3@256 kbps
Size: 137 Mb.
Full Scans Included


01. Mother-Moon (Intro)
02. The Lord of The Bog Swamps
03. The Procession of Nav'
04. Overlimiting Chambers of Kromeshniks
05. Darker Than Black
06. The Preceding Dawn Dance of Dennitsa
07. The Brilliance of Thundering Swords
08. The Legend of Sviatoslav
09. The Mysteries of Rusaliyas And Wormwood
10. The Call of Bereginias
11. Twilight of Judeochrist
12. Father-Sun (Sunset)

Part I - Part II


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