VA - Blazebirth Hall - Hammerkrieg  

14 de abril de 2008

: 2002
Genre: NS Black metal
Country: Russia
Format: mp3@192
Size: 106 Мb.


1.Nitberg - Asgard Flames
2.Rundagor - Journey In Return
3.Branikald - Av Vinterkald
4.Nitberg - The Triumph of W.O.T.A.N.
5.Branikald - Horrid Storms
6.Raven Dark - In The Opening Of SIEG
7.Forest - In The Middle Of Death, In The Face Of Life
8.Branikald - Raven Fierce
9.Rundagor - Inhaling The Murder
10.Raven Dark - Eternal Freezing Moon
11.Branikald - The Steel Strings Of The Spirit

Part I
Part II

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