Total Black Onslaught Of Death [4-way split]  

30 de abril de 2008

Year: 2007
Genre: Black Metal/Black Metal/Ambient/Raw Black Metal
Country: Canada/Australia/Netherlands/United States
Format: mp3@128 kbps
Size: 71 Мb.


Bloody Ritual
1. Into The Forest
2. Gates Of Reality
3. Hail Victory
4. The Ethereal Misery Of Reality
5. Tortured By An Unseen Evil (Inhuman Screams Of The Schizophrenic)
6. Undying Visions Of Sadomasochistic Thoughts
7. The Silent Repetitive Murmer Of The Lifeless
8. Vergadering Van Het Kwaad
9. Ravenoogst
10. Dodenrijk
11. Fist Of The North
12. Box Of Sorrows
13. Lachrymarum


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